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LCLXchange Inc

LCLXchange Inc

LCLXchange.com, an intuitive digital portal that specializes in matching shippers with LCL & FCL of commodities and carriers who can provide shipping services at competitive rates. The site is designed to accelerate container and freight quotes, in addition to simplifying the LCL/FCL process. As experts in the industry, we’ve found there is quite a bit of effort that goes into loading containers and obtaining current and accurate shipping rates. Because of that, we developed this website, to accelerate and facilitate these transactions. The LCLXchange is designed to be a one-stop-shop for cargo transportation. This site is designed to provide our members the ability to generate more volume faster and the ease of doing it with the service provider of your choice. Anyone can open an LCLXchange account for free. You can opt to be shipper, carrier/forwarder or both.

LCLConnect An Innovative Supply Chain Networking Initiative

Posted by LCLXchange Inc on December 23 2020, 05:03am

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LCLConnect An Innovative Supply Chain Networking Initiative

Customers and suppliers in the supply chain logistics domain have very few avenues to get together and indulge in fruitful engagements. Marketplace aggregators like LCLXchange are one of these handfuls of avenues where customers can be exposed to a lot of freight forwarders and cargo carriers across air, ocean, and road transportation.

Customers can place specifications of their consignment to be transported and get competitive quotes from multiple suppliers. However, what if there is an outbound channel too available for the freight carriers and shipping companies to reach out to customers?

The rise of supply chain networking 

The traditional aggregator services model was to have the freight forwarders come to the customers with their quotes. However, LCLXchange has taken this one step ahead. It has now opened up a new way for carriers to engage with potential customers. They can now get on the logistic network that works just like social media networking platforms.

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