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LCLXchange Inc

LCLXchange Inc

LCLXchange.com, an intuitive digital portal that specializes in matching shippers with LCL & FCL of commodities and carriers who can provide shipping services at competitive rates. The site is designed to accelerate container and freight quotes, in addition to simplifying the LCL/FCL process. As experts in the industry, we’ve found there is quite a bit of effort that goes into loading containers and obtaining current and accurate shipping rates. Because of that, we developed this website, to accelerate and facilitate these transactions. The LCLXchange is designed to be a one-stop-shop for cargo transportation. This site is designed to provide our members the ability to generate more volume faster and the ease of doing it with the service provider of your choice. Anyone can open an LCLXchange account for free. You can opt to be shipper, carrier/forwarder or both.

Want the Best Freight Rates? Follow These Five Hacks

Posted by LCLXchange Inc on September 16 2020, 05:01am

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Want the Best Freight Rates? Follow These Five Hacks

There are many costs bundled with running a business. You need to pay for utilities, payrolls, taxes, etc. Freight shipping rates might be making up for a big portion of your budget. Whether you’re a new or old business, you would always want to minimize the expenditure. When you know how to negotiate freight rates, you can save significantly on your costs. You can indeed visit different carrier’s websites and compare freight rates online. Below are five hacks to get the best freight rates. 

1 – Know different options of transportation 

There are three popular ways to ship your goods. You can go for air freight, ocean, or ground shipping. If you want to ship internationally, ocean shipping can save you money. Air shipping is an expensive one, but it’s also the fastest way. You can mix the transporting options to optimize the delivery time and costs. In the case of local goods, ground shipping is your best bet. But with multiple carriers, you may find it difficult obtaining quotes from them on time. Use a powerful resource like LCLxchange to simply the process and get all quotes at one place online.

2 – Stop paying for things you don’t need

Before you consider a carrier, you must identify the level of service you are seeking. It helps when you speak to your forwarder about your needs. And you need to see if they can fulfill your requirements. For instance, do you want comprehensive customer service? Or you only care about your goods getting shipped from point A to B? If you need shipping services for a particular season, then why pay for an entire year?

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